Q: Which 7eye by Panoptx models accommodate prescription lenses?

A: All but one frame can accommodate prescription lenses. Mason is the only product that cannot accommodate prescription lenses.

Q: Why is it that I cannot process my international order when I enter an address from Canada, Mexico, etc?

A: With countries like Canada and Mexico we have a distributor that will be able to fulfill your order. Please go to our company page to find your country’s distributor and contact them directly. 

Q: How long does it take to process an order once it’s been placed online or by phone?

A: All orders can take up to three days to be process from time of order. Order cutoff time is Monday to Friday 1:30 PM PST, orders placed after the cutoff will process the following business day. Orders with upgraded shipping (express, overnight, etc.) will take up to 2 days to complete though most of the time it can be done within 1 day.

Q: What is ANSI Z87.1?

A: ANSI stands for the American National Safety Institute and Z87. 1 is the name of the safety standard pertaining to safety eyewear. For a style to be ANSI Z87.1 compliance, that particular sunglass has to pass a series of stringent tests ranging from the optical quality of the lens to impact resistance of the frame. For a style to be ANSI Z87.1 compliance, those sunglasses have to be tested by an accredited third party company and pass all pertinent tests.

Q: What does impact resistance mean?

A: Impact resistance means that particular style passed the high mass impact resistance test. This test consists of a 500 gram pointed metal projectile being dropped on the lenses from about 4 feet above. The eyewear must remain intact with no frame or lens pieces detaching. Upon impact in an accident for example, inferior lenses will shatter into many pieces which increases likelihood to pierce the eyes. All lenses by 7eye by Panoptx are impact resistant in which won’t fracture as many pieces and therefore decreases likelihood of damaging the eyes.

Q: Which frames are Z87.1 compliance and impact resistant?

A: Bora, Churada, Diablo, Cape, Cyclone, Derby, Panhead, Taku Plus, Briza, Taku, Maestro, and Shaka are all Z87.1 compliance.

Q: Where is the product made?

A: 7eye by Panoptx products with the exception of Mason and Riders Readers are assembled at our Headquarters located in Ontario, California with global materials. Our products are highly customizable - each order is made to order and not mass produced.

Q: What should I be looking for when trying on or buying a pair of 7eye by Panoptx AirShield series wraparound sunglasses?

A: Fit before Style. Before you focus on the style you need to make sure to get a pair that provides a total OrbitalSeal™ around your face. This will ensure our patented eyecup will keep the elements out and keep your eyes moist and safe.

Q: Will the eyecup help with my dry eyes?

A: Yes, the eyecup creates a “moisture chamber” around the eye, ideal for motorcyclist, dry eye patients, skiers, high altitude climbers and more.

Q: What material are the frames made out of?

A: Lightweight Grilamid material provides increased flexibility as well as extended durability

Q: Do you offer any type of discount for Military, Law Enforcement Officers, and Fire fighters?

A: Yes, we honor all of our servicemen and woman 365 days a year.  We give a 25% discount on any of our frames without prescription with valid documentation.

Q: How do I clean my eyecup?

A: We suggest NOT using soap and water, BUT either a gentle makeup remover or a baby wipe. Using small circular motions, and the tip of your finger with the baby wipe, massage the dirt away!