How to request a non-warranty repair

If the product (frame or lens) is outside of the One Year Warranty or damage is not deemed a manufactured defect, the following charges are listed below. For all frame and lens replacements, download here for our Consumer Frame Repair Cost Form.  Submit this form, along with the repair, to the following address.

7eye by Panoptx
Repair Department
2060 S Haven Ave
Ontario, CA 91761

Frame Repair Costs

·        Frame Repair - $50.00 plus $9.00 shipping

·        Foam Repair - $25.00.   $5.00 shipping will apply to repair fixed eyecups

o       Foam Repair Is only done on frames with the fixed eyecup from our AirShield Series

o       We will not need your frame if ordering a detachable foam eyecup from our AirShield Series*

·        Adjustable Temple Arm Tips - $15 for set $7.50 for each $3 plus shipping

·        Temple Arms - $30 for set plus $5 shipping

·        One temple arm (right or left) $15 each plus $5 shipping                                                           

·        Lens Replacement (per set).  All will come with Anti-fog with the exception of Polarized

o       Sharpview Clear , Gray, or Copper Sunglass lenses – $30 plus $5 shipping

o       Sharpview Polarized Gray or Copper - $40 plus $5 shipping

o       Photochromic Day Night Eclypse (Fades from Grey to clear) - $50 plus $5 shipping

o       Photochromic Day Night Contrast(Fades from Copper to yellow) - $50 plus $5 shipping

If ordering a removable eyecup from our AirShield Series, please call us at 909-509-8228.  We can ship same day and free shipping.

For California residents’ sales tax will apply. (This is calculated on the part cost only.)

We do strive at same day service when we receive your repair and please allow up to two weeks to complete your repair.  All repairs are subjects to parts availability.

Direct any questions to: